About ISSEY 雜誌簡介

ISSEY is an English/Chinese bilingual arts and culture magazine based in Philadelphia.  We publish online both locally-oriented material and international work.  We are interested in long- and short-form nonfiction and criticism on any topic related to arts, travel and cultural exchange.  We welcome travel writing, art criticism, book reviews, music and theater coverage, manifestos, oral histories, uncategorized creative nonfiction, and videogame theory, among others.


Please email submissions as WORD documents to isseylingo@gmail.com. Also, please include your name and address on the front page of your submission.

投稿時,請將稿件以 WORD 的檔案,寄到如下的電子信箱:isseylingo@gmail.com.  也請您在稿件的第一頁,註明您的姓名和地址。

If your work is selected for publication, you will receive a check of US$35 per accepted submission.  This fee gives us the right to translate your work, and to publish online the translation alongside the original piece.  Normally, contributing writers work collaboratively with one of our translators; however, if you have a translator in mind, or would like to translate your work yourself, please let us know in your submission email.  Work written in both English and Chinese, if selected, will receive a payment of US$70 per submission.  The translation process is very flexible — our goal is to allow your work to be accessible to both local and international readers who otherwise would be unable to read it.

稿件一經採用,由本刊奉寄稿費美金支票35元。這筆稿費包括了《ISSEY/苹果一生》翻譯您的作品,並將原作與譯文,以中英對照的方式,在網路上發表的版權許可費用。《ISSEY/苹果一生》有專任人員,與原作者協商並負責翻譯。如果您自己從事翻譯,或另外有翻譯人選,請在投稿的時候,在電訊上聲明。中英雙語的稿件,如果同時錄用,稿費加倍至美金70元。《ISSEY/苹果一生》的翻譯過程,饒有伸縮性 — 主要目標在於超越語言的隔閡,讓美國當地和其他國度的讀者有機會欣賞您的著作。

We look forward to reading your work!


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