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Mary Bell Austin is a writer based in Seattle, Washington and the Bay Area, California. Austin shares her adventures in healthy eating at
MB Austin, 駐華州西雅圖和加州灣區的作家。她的網站,跟大家分享品嚐健康飲食之旅。

Michael Caruso is a classical music critic based in Philadelphia. He teaches piano at Settlement Music School.
Caruso, 樂評家,評論大費城地區的古典音樂會,歷時三十多年。 在費城的 Settlement 音樂學校教授鋼琴。

Chen Yihsuan is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and has helped introduce many foreign works to Chinese readers.
陳逸軒, 高雄人。 接生過許多流離失所的文字。

Chou Fen-ling is a Professor at Tunghai University and the winner of Taiwan’s 2010 Literary Award for Best Essay.
周芬伶, 作家, 2010年台灣文學金典獎得主,現任東海大學中文系教授。

Fennah Guan, based in California’s Silicon Valley, is an award-winning food and travel writer. Her works appear mainly in Taiwanese/Chinese publications, including“Tree Peonies on a Tea Table” which came out in May 2017。
周芬娜, 駐加州矽谷的自由作家,作品以遊記/美食評論爲主,多次獲得台灣及中國大陸民間/政府頒賞的文學榮譽獎章。新作「茶桌上的芍藥花」於今年五月出版。

Michael Harrington writes about sports, books, art and religion for The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Harrington, 作家, 寫作有關運動, 書籍, 藝術, 宗教的文章。 在費城問訊報擔任廣告文編寫人。

Deborah Kaplan, artist and restaurateur, lives in Philadelphia.
Kaplan, 藝術家及餐飲業主, 住在費城。

Kao Bo is currently pursuing a graduate degree in creative writing at Tunghai University, Taiwan, where he received a Foreign Languages and Literature. His short story, 《The Bridge 螢橋》, appears in INK印刻, a Taiwanese literary magazine.高博, 東海外文系畢業。現就讀東海中文所文學創作組,主要創作小說。小說刊載於印刻《短篇小說》雜誌。

Kim Maialetti is a freelance writer, and founder and president of Wordplay, LLC. She lives and works in Philadelphia.
Maialetti, 駐賓州費城的自由作家。「文字遊戲」責任有限公司總裁,創辨人。

Patricia Manley is an avid cook who enjoys travel and collecting the recipes and stories from many cultures.
Manley, 是熱衷烹飪的箇中好手,喜歡旅行,收藏來自不同文化的食譜和故事。

Chanel E. Miller is a student at UC Santa Barbara. Her poems “Mixed Baby” and “Ant” appeared in The Meihua Literati Magazine, Fall/Winter 2012.
張小夏, 加州大學聖塔芭芭拉分校學生,詩作發表在美華文學雜誌2012冊。

May May Miller is a writer and translator. She has translated Japanese poems of the seventh century.
Miller, 作家,翻譯曰本七世紀的詩作。

Na’U is a veteran in Taiwanese media, where she has worked for nearly two decades. Her TV programming includes reports on Taiwan’s indigenous tribes, and exploration of the island’s diverse and colorful local cultures as well its natural beauty. An avid traveller in Taiwan and abroad, she enjoys outdoor activities such as bicycling, hiking, fishing and camping. As a producer and a writer, she hopes to share her many experiences with an ever-larger community of like-minded travellers!
Na’U 近20年電視媒體經驗,因節目採訪需要,走訪台灣各地、包括原住民族部落,體驗台灣豐富天地美景與人文色彩!喜愛親近大自然的戶外活動,包括單車、爬山、釣魚、露營、國內外旅遊。期許對這世界的點滴感動,透過影像或文字,傳達給更多人感受!

Julia Sippel studied literature, ceramics and drawing at Bennington College. She now lives in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, and works for Paul Dry Books, a publishing company in Philadelphia.
Sippel, 本寧頓學院畢業,在校期間攻讀文學,學習陶藝和素描。現住費城郊區,並在市內一家出版社, Paul Dry Books, 服務。

Alexis Stephens is Next City’s urban economics fellow. She’s written about housing, pop culture, global music subcultures, and more for publications like Shelterforce, Rolling Stone, SPIN, and MTV Iggy.
Stephens,「未來城市」(Next City)的城市經濟研究員。她的著作主題涵括住宅、大眾文化、全球音樂次文化等,作品散見《庇護力》(Shelterforce)、《滾石》(Rolling Stone)雜誌、《SPIN》雜誌以及《MTV Iggy》等處。

Tina Chin Tan, native of Taiwan, now lives in Houston TX and has been working in the field of fine art conservation for the last two decades. Over the years, Tina has developed a deep appreciation for the arts of Japan and travels there regularly.

Fenching Wainstein: Translator/Staff Editor.
周芬青, 翻譯/編輯

Nathan Wainstein: Website Editor.
溫太一, 網站編輯

Carol Yu lives and runs a travel agency in the Bay Area, California. Passionate about cooking and fine cuisine, she regularly contributes recipes and food-related stories to the Home and Garden section of the World Journal, a Chinese-language newspaper published in the US.
潘存薇, 平時熱愛廚藝,喜歡創意料理,食鐠經常發佈于世界日報家園版.  目前在灣區從事旅遊業。

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