Three Pairs of Gloves 三雙手套

Three Pairs of Gloves

by 周芬伶  Chou Fen-ling   打開包裹,是怡雯寄來的兩雙手套,一鮮紅一桃紅,這是寄第二次了,上回寄的米黃色手套剛戴幾天只餘一隻,開會時她看到我還戴著一隻,於是再次補貨,信上寫著: I opened the package from Yi-wen and saw two pairs of gloves, one scarlet and the other rose pink. This was the second package of gloves from her. Just a few days after I Continue reading Three Pairs of Gloves 三雙手套

Springtime Memories 春之憶


by Patricia Manley   One of the joys of visiting California’s Napa Valley in springtime is seeing the rolling fields of orderly grape vines with small, light green glimmers of leaves peeking out from the old vines. 坡陀起伏的農地種了一排排很整齊的葡萄藤,到美國加州的納帕谷(Napa Valley) 踏青,百年老藤剛冒出嫩芽,披上一襲飄忽的新綠,看了讓人打從心底地愉快。 Continue reading Springtime Memories 春之憶

Sleeping Beauty 睡美人

Sleeping Beauty

  by 周芬伶 Chou Fen-ling   偶爾會搧動睫毛 Your lashes occasionally flutter 回答一些簡單問題 at my simple questions––answering 海豚與珊瑚對話 in the way that dolphins speak to coral, 以光波以流速以雷達 via light-wave, swift current, radar, 來自深海的密碼 secret codes from the deep seas. 是或否對或不對 Yes Continue reading Sleeping Beauty 睡美人

A Taste of Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶之味

Bak Kut Teh

by 周芬伶 Chou Fen-ling   煮好的肉骨茶湯如綠茶一般清澈,我喜歡那雜七雜八的香料混合之大補味。 The broth of the freshly prepared bak kut teh was clear as green tea. I’ve always liked its savory taste, a peculiar mixture of herbs and spices. 二十三歲的兒子喝一口,嘆口氣說:「原來這就是肉骨茶的味道。」 My 23-year-old son took a sip Continue reading A Taste of Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶之味

Selected from “The Custom of the Country” 摘自《風土民情》

Custom of the Country

by Edith Wharton 伊迪絲·華頓   Ralph Marvell, mounting his grandfather’s doorstep, looked up at the symmetrical old red house-front, with its frugal marble ornament, as he might have looked into a familiar human face. 勞夫·馬維爾登上祖父家門階時,抬頭仰望老屋對稱的紅磚立面,以及極簡的大理石裝飾,彷彿眼前是張熟悉的人臉。 “They’re right,—after all, in some Continue reading Selected from “The Custom of the Country” 摘自《風土民情》

A Collector, Dives and Soars 一位收藏家的寫真

Liao Collection

by Michael Harrington Michelle Liao says her approach to building a successful enterprise would likely not meet approval at the average business school, but her story displays an intrepid confidence that should be the envy of any entrepreneur. 一般的商學院不會認同她作生意的訣竅,廖曉梅這麼說。可是她在創業的過程中,凡事力行而爲,信心十足,足以讓有心人士由衷欽羨。 In Continue reading A Collector, Dives and Soars 一位收藏家的寫真